Last April 2003, we had accidentally found this treasure site during the making of our poultry farm at Bukidnon, Philippines. We had already begun the preliminary excavations and had found several stone markers which will be found here at this site.Unfortunately, we had to stop our excavations due to lack of resources last May 2004. The details of the excavation will follow so please read on...

Stone No. 1 - Face of a Person with marks

Stone No. 1 - Face of a Person with marks.
Found at 5.5 feet.

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Tarzan said...

Gd am po may digging site po kaming gnagawa sangayon dito sa Cavite. Malapit sa isang ilog na maliit at creek, ble intersection of a small creek and ssmall river. May nakita ang tropa ko na isang ahas na nakaukit sa bato. I contcted my friend who bring along with him a detector and it gave positive ressult. Ang sabi mga 99% dw na my laman. Hinukay nmin may nakuha kaming malking uling pointing to a cave that led to the creek. My nakuha kming 2 asbestos pipe patusok. sinundan nmin tpos my nakuha kaming 2 mlaking tubo asbestos dn. Hinukay nmin my mga tubo pa na maliliit na pa krus at doon dumadaan ang supply nmg tubig. We dig dipper and we encountered another asbestos pipe. Parang funnel and design. Tapos nwala ang tubo ng hinukay nmin ulitnakita ulit ang tubo na paliko liko parang daanan ng tubigpero puno na ng putik nakulay madilaw dilaw na may halong sand. Sa dulo nwala ang tubo ang nakita namin ay parang pader na 3 inches ang kapal at may buhangin sa gitna. Ang direksiyon pakanluran. How can you help us. We are willing to seat and negotiate to anybody who can help us and to any person that can be trusted and possess a scanner. We need a Ground Penetrating machineif possible.You can contact us at my Email address anytime at TY

venjo said...

how about a marker n my apat na triangle amg bato, which represent x any one na makaread n2 pls contact me

Anonymous said...

- treasure under
- treasure deposit
- rick object buried

-5 yard to the object

astersisk 8 spoke
- treasure
- sabotage (danger)
- glettering of diamonds
- millions worth deposit

-looking object 3 meters front